Tom Hagan Design | Making the move into good design
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Making the move into good design


This is my personal platform for documenting my every move in design. From showcasing what I’m currently learning or thinking about in my blog to uploading design projects, big and small to my portfolio, this is the best place to discover what I’m doing and why.

I find writing a powerful tool for exploring my thoughts and learning things thoroughly. This actually started out as an offline pursuit for learning but decided if the posts are somewhat readable, I may as well share them with people. Me in 30 seconds: I thrive in solitude, am fascinated by cultures, philosophies, and dogs, I feel blessed about how much I enjoy art, music, and film, and can not wait to eat dinner. I really can’t wait.

Often underestimated is our sensitivity to the visual world around us. We can often underpin when something is exciting or awe-inspiring – from a gun-wielding maniac (fear) to a mountain backed by a starry sky (awe), though it’s our subtlest emotional responses from the seemingly small......

Early this year, in hopes of strengthening my weakness for colour, I went to the highly influential book ‘Interactions of Color’ by artist and educator Josef Albers.   The book, despite its heady and annoying unnecessary academic tone (which I disdain so much), instils a child-like curiosity......

Why does it seem so offensive?   You’re walking down the street and you spot someone breezily walking past you wearing a great band shirt, but there’s something slightly off… you can clearly tell that they don’t listen to the artist in question or perhaps have......