Tom Hagan Design
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Making the move into good design


This is my personal platform for documenting my every move in design. From showcasing what I’m currently learning or thinking about in my blog to uploading design projects, big and small to my portfolio, this is the best place to discover what I’m doing.

I find writing a powerful tool for exploring my thoughts and learning things thoroughly. This actually started out as an offline pursuit for learning but decided if the posts are somewhat readable, I may as well share them with people. I thrive in solitude, fascinated by cultures, philosophies, and dogs, I feel blessed about how much I enjoy art, music, and film, and can not wait to eat dinner. I really can’t wait.

We’ve all seen them, maybe you’re one of them. One of the thousands extending their arms, phones in hand, and snapping pictures of themselves at every turn, sometimes in the most precarious of places. If I’m honest, in the past it’s annoyed me. Going to a gallery......

A sudden deadline, your train delayed, an earthquake, a financial panic, sleeping through your alarm. Any unpredictable situation, life-threatening or not, will give you spark of energy which can go in any number of directions. We all know the worst ways but often find ourselves......

Often underestimated is our sensitivity to the visual world around us. We can often underpin when something is exciting or awe-inspiring – from a gun-wielding maniac (fear) to a mountain backed by a starry sky (awe), though it’s our subtlest emotional responses from the seemingly small......