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Luke Lovett

Identity, Vector
About This Project


About Luke Lovett


Luke Lovett, like many, is a passionate musician based in Brighton, Hove. From studying songwriting at BIMM University, performing a diverse range of genres and playing at distinctly different venues across England, Luke Lovett’s style has been acclaimed and sought for on music scenes throughout the country.


It’s with his own studious approach; learnt from over 20 years of performing guitar, Luke Lovett has honed a distinct teaching style. Understanding how he’s learnt best in the past, Luke Lovett teaches ‘one to one’ and at the student’s own pace. Knowing too well the need for patience when it comes to learning guitar, Luke Lovett is sensitive to all his student’s needs and is proud to provide a truly bespoke service.


Setting him aside from other music teachers in Brighton, Luke Lovett is approachable, professional and above all has fun. Even though his speciality is in ‘fingerstyle’ guitar, much of Luke Lovett’s students attend for his expertise in his other proven techniques such as blues, rock, jazz, pop, folk, and more.


Luke Lovett puts his students first. Teaching in the comfort of their own environment and working around their schedule, Luke makes sure that his students feel secure and are excited to learn. Making him different to other teachers, Luke pushes the idea of teaching what they want to play; believing that nurturing a passion for good music is vital to long-lasting enjoyment and success at playing guitar.


Luke Lovett has a grand mission to all of this, and that is to create a society
of good, interesting guitar-based musicians; all feeding off one another and performing wherever their hearts take them; experiencing the same fulfilment which has provoked Luke Lovett’s persistent learning of the craft which he continues to fall in love with to this day.