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The Lodgers

About This Project

Melding influences from Billy Bragg to Mr Big , South London based indie rock four-piece, The Lodgers , have been together for just under 2 years but are already gaining the acclaim and applause from Sarah Conacher ( James Morrison management ), Susan Collins ( Nirvana Publishing ), Darrin Barter ( Gary Barlow and Milburn Management ), and Jon Tolley ( Banquet Records ). Slightly unconventional from their peers The Lodgers have built their following south of the Thames from their impromptu street performances and their reputation from their live shows across London venues from The 100 Club to The 229 all the way to Camden Assembly Rooms and more, including opening for The Cribs recent album launch show at New Slang for Banquet Records. This momentum has seen them invited to play shows with Sofar Sounds and catching the attention of Mark Dodson ( Joan Jett, The Modern Lovers, The Wildhearts ) who approached The Lodgers to record their sophomore single ‘ Sound The Alarm ’ which was officially launched to a sold-out show at The 229 in early 2017 to be filmed by a professional film crew.


I was asked to rework their current logo to match the photo assets they provided me which full of rich, modern pinks and reds. Focusing on the nature of gradients and blends in the photos I implemented this into the logo while updating the stencil logo to have a little more fluidity and less rigidity.


The Orginal Lodgers Logo

(vector trace)




The Reworked Lodgers Logo

(for dark backgrounds)




The Reworked Lodgers Logo

(for light backgrounds)






We came down to two options for the cover photo. One was more mysterious, enigmatic and focused on the personalities behind the instruments; using a photo of them not performing, just merely the silhouette. The other was focused on The Lodgers’ main draw, which was their live performances and their unhinged, loud South London sound.




The one which was chosen didn’t surprise me as it just ticked more boxes for the group at this time in their career. At this point showcasing what they look like to people will only help them in gaining engagement (which was one of their objectives). Also alluding to the sound through the visual medium.


The image is put together in a collage style; adding speed and a noisy, messy appeal. The reds and pinks run into each other blending in with the strong blacks – It’s energetic and full of dimensionality. I also sought to find pictures of them all facing the same direction, this I felt added to the unifying quality of the band with their sureness of direction and consolidating beliefs which create the alluring gang/pack mentality of a great band.


These covers were all created to suit the dimensions of each of their social media channels including, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and the gigantic YouTube cover photo.