About This Project

A project illustrating my word of the year. This was made for Instagram’s default loop play.


The word ‘wholesome’, to me, sounds wholesome. This used handpicked stock images from the web via pexels.com to illustrate personal definitions while I treated them to look like 70’s press shots. 70’s press shots of food, landscapes, celebrities, or anything which was to be sold had an almost overbearing warmth to it. Everything was meant to be plainly indulgent. And I wanted to indulge in wholesome activities this year.


Everything has a glossy and grainy warmth to it, highly focused, centred and poised in a state of ordinary action. The type used was centred on top of each strong squared image creating tension between the image and the text which obscures the view. The type is all lowercase with a chunky rounded typeface – a custom alteration of Avenir Black; this was to imply a more sympathetic, approachable, and… loveable tone.


Within the text, I added small illustrations to add some more approachability and touch of fun – allowing each word to interact with the picture underneath; keeping the tone joyous and counteracting the strong centring which may seem dominant or controlling… it softens it a bit, bringing it back into balance with the warmth.