Album Artwork: Pete Davies – Home and Dry

Following the success of the logo identity for Pete Davies, we then moved forward with the same brand values to complete an artwork project. As the first album from Pete Davies, we believed it would be best to lead with a photographic image of Pete Davies himself as this would position Pete Davies as approachable and confident with a human touch.

Solution One

Filtering through the photoshoot and finding the best images that portrayed Pete Davies in line with the outlined brand values we decided on photos which presented Pete Davies as humble and honest.

The solution above maintains a warm vintage tone through the photography and off-white border. At this point, we also chose to diversify the type from the logotype by deciding on a modern geometric typeface which nicely brings the artwork into a more contemporary light.

Solution Two

Here we played on Pete Davies background as a deep-sea diver (and the title of the album) using blues and greens. Having more energy and dynamism, movement and action, this artwork is more involved than the first and perhaps more exciting. Of course, this comes at a cost to the warm approachability present in solution one.

Final Delivery