Logo Identity: Lavender Skies

Starting this project, we laid out four agreed key objectives and a good visual direction for what the logo for Lavender Skies should achieve. This brief became a compass to repeatedly return to for direction when crafting the logo identity and proved invaluable to our work flow.


These objectives were to attain a memorability among potential fans while communicating an approachable and casual persona. We agreed that the logo should be easily adaptable for any application and/or future redesigns, and to be distinctive among the current landscape of music in similar genres.


The visual direction of the logo, which was more of a guide only to aid the design process, not to necessarily communicate the emotions laid out, were to be optimistic, approachable, and melancholic/thoughtful.

Phase One


Every composition will communicate differently with colours, so first I’d like to present the purely black logo solutions for Lavender Skies. If it works well in just a shadow – it will be identifiable anywhere.


Examining the logos in black, we are forced to only focus on form, gesture and the communicative abilities of each logo. This will prove the best way to judge the logo identities as colour can distract from an honest judgement.


For Lavender Skies we have come to a total of three solutions which we will walk you through in this presentation as well as some alternates for some solutions.

Solution 1a

Off centre and modern, this first solution to the Lavender Skies logo is clean and sleek, fast and confident.


Using a slight customisation of the nice big geometric typeface, Avant Garde ITC, we have the ability to use an approachable lower case typeface with out losing a sense of importance – It stands out clearly, but doesn’t try too hard.


The ‘L’ and ‘R’ frame in the word ‘Lavender’ with squared serifs – making the type unique to Lavender Skies – while the ‘k’ stretches up high toward the sky alluding to the namesake while also giving unique mnemonic device people can remember.


It’s roundness has an optimistic quality, but the thin weight allows it to stand back and emote a thoughtfulness. It’s breathable.


Overall, this logo is subtle, but through that subtlety has an immediacy, not a timidity. This solution is the most adaptable of the solutions presented.


Solution 1 is modern, confident, and open.

Solution 1b

This is an alteration of Solution 1.


This solution contains the same motifs as 1a but has employed the use of a different, more casual typeface. It’s fatter in its tone and has the tight kerning to give a condensed, less subtle atmosphere.


It still has the refinement present in 1a but collides everything together for a more robust, unhinged visual tone – it’s a little more noisy.


Concluding this solution as casual, exciting, and strong.

Solution 2

Using almost the same typeface as 1a, this solution plays with the placement of the two words; illustrating, or alluding to the imagery of the band name without the use of pictures which can lose the immediacy of a good logo.


This solution answers the question “how can we represent the sky with out complicated imagery?” And not just by placement, but also by allowing any light, image, or texture behind the block to shine through the words ‘skies’; the word being cut through the block itself. (notable on the colour versions in Phase Two)


It’s this sort of logo which would of course stand out from other band logos due to its curious composition; making people ponder but because of the simplicity, can quickly unravel; perhaps adding to the overall memorability.


Additionally, this solution has almost all the same tones featured in Solution One, but applies a touch more wit.

Additionally to solution 2, this is a monogram solution to work in variation with the full logo.


This is something which can be quickly applied to press photos, flyers, album notes, etc, for quickly telegraphing the Lavender Skies brand – much like the Fred Perry ‘laurel’ or the Nike ‘swoosh’, this is a smooth, smart, and concise monogram, which translates Lavender Skies as confident, secure, and aligned.

Solution 3

Reducing the forms all the way down to their most basic essence, Solution 3 has a very clean and modern emblem which could be applied anywhere; bordering on futurist.


The logo itself is made up of forms similar to a lower case ‘L’s making up an ‘L’ on the left and an ‘S’ to the right.


Of course, this is not immediately evident, but that’s not the intention. Like the bear hidden in the Toblerone logo, this is an added reason why this catchy windmill pattern can be applied to the Lavender Skies logo; something which will unfold to fans given time.


Again, to communicate an approachability and comfort, the typeface is all lower case and based in the geometric style ‘Questrial’. This type has a more flowing movement from left to right, keeping everything that more fluid, and in my opinion just worked better with the emblem.

Phase Two

Through Phase Two of this project we set out to discover the colour or colours to distinguish Lavender Skies from competitors and communicate the promise which was set out in the brief.


Firstly, it was thought that due to the namesake of Lavender Skies, it may not make much sense to apply any colours other than the tone of purple, and more specifically, Lavender, but wanted to ensure that it wasn’t too feminine, flowery, or… soapy.


From this, we discovered some great lavenders with tones of red and blue in, such as English Lavender, Old Lavender, or Periwinkle. But through experimenting and applying, the best colour found that still retained a ‘lavender’ which wasn’t too “girly”, proved ‘Purple Mountain Majesty’. This colour has been applied to all the logos on the next pages minus Solutions 3a and 3b which was a richer and darker purple as to throw of the further femininity that it may have construed otherwise.

Final Delivery


The final delivery was an alteration of solution 1b following meetings and advising on the best steps forward to agreement on the final band logo. Delivery included the standard assets including light and dark versions among all file types for all possible applications.

In use, the band went forth and applied this in their media, promotion and artwork.


Example below. (not created by ourselves).