Logo Identity: Luke Lovett

Luke Lovett, like many, is a passionate musician based in Brighton, Hove. From studying songwriting at BIMM University, performing a diverse range of genres and playing at distinctly different venues across England, Luke Lovett’s style has been acclaimed and sought for on music scenes throughout the country.


It’s with his own studious approach; learnt from over over 20 years of performing guitar, Luke Lovett has honed a distinct teaching style. Understanding how he’s learnt best in the past, Luke Lovett teaches ‘one to one’ and at the student’s own pace. Knowing too well the need for patience when it comes to learning guitar, Luke Lovett is sensitive to all his students needs and is proud to provide a truly bespoke service.


Setting him aside from other music teachers in Brighton, Luke Lovett is approachable, professional and above all has fun. Even though his specialty is in ‘fingerstyle’ guitar, much of Luke Lovett’s students attend for his expertise in his other proven techniques such as, blues, rock, jazz, pop, folk, and more.


Luke Lovett puts his students first. Teaching in the comfort of their own environment and working around their schedule, Luke makes sure that his students feel secure and are excited to learn. Making him different to other teachers, Luke pushes the idea of teaching what they want to play; believing that nurturing a passion for good music is vital to long lasting enjoyment and success at playing guitar.



Luke Lovett has a mission, to create a society of good and interesting guitar-based musicians; all feeding off one another and performing wherever their hearts take them; experiencing the same fulfilment which has provoked Luke Lovett’s persistent learning of the craft which he continues to fall in love with to this day.



We came to four agreed objectives for which we felt the logo identity needed to express.


The first objective with this design was to create distinction among the competition while embodying Luke Lovett’s approachable, professional, and fun approach to guitar teaching. This is something much of the ‘agency-type’ guitar teaching businesses in Brighton don’t have discovered through our market research.


The second objective was to create memorability among the competition. We needed to help potential clients remember the distinct teaching approach and why this will benefit them. Because of the large competition in and around Brighton and the nature of long-term clientele in this business, we will needed something to communicate fast and immediate with the use of mnemonic devices for memorability.


The third objective, experience, we used Luke Lovett’s mission to create a ‘world’ to nurture and sell the experience of being one of Luke Lovett’s students. We wanted Luke Lovett’s students to be excited and feel special to be part of the clientele; retaining long term and turning them into ‘fans’ of the service where they’ll go out and market the service on Luke Lovett’s behalf. This will be developed through deliverables such as website, social media, direct email marketing assetts, business cards, flyers, guitar plectrums and more.


The final objective was to heighten the percieved value of the service provided. Though we wanted to remain approachable and make people excited about playing guitar, we will also need to highlight the quality and high value of the lessons. With a lot of carefully placed design decisions, from the graphics to how the website functions, we can achieve this while keeping it approachable and fun. However, this can be tuned further through business decisions such as the prices, and the actual value of service which will be up to Luke Lovett himself.

Solution One

From the beginning we decided on using a sans-serif typeface for an approachable warmth. We thought of what a leap it must be for people to approach learning a musical insturment, so we needed their first touchpoint with the business to be invinting for students from a beginner.


We also needed to attain a professionality for advanced and intermediary students, so we opted for a sharper geometric typeface.


Solution one offers an obvious but immediate visual pun. It’s simple, approachable, fun, and still retains an air or profressionality. The curavture present on this logo adds an energy to the brand that is not present in a lot of other guitar teaching identities in the Brightong and Hove area.

Solution Two

More abstracted than the first, this logo solution is sleek and refined. Using the letters of ‘Luke’ to spell out notes on a musical score, this logo still has a boyant energy that looks fun and approachable yet maintains a modern sensibility.


The downside is, it’s not necessarily ‘guitar-based’ on initial glance. Of course, this can be concluded with a nice punchy title beneath.

Solution Three

One way to add approachability is to put the location in the identity. This is achieved through the outline of Brighton Pavillion and in the statement beneath.


The ‘L’s are outlined as guitar headstocks, the two guitars alluding to Luke Lovett’s distinctly one-on-one approach to teaching. This option is seen as modern, approachable and fun, whilst adding a respected tone through the serif type beneath.

Final Delivery


The final delivery was a finalisation of solution one. Delivery included the standard assets of light and dark versions among all file types for all possible applications with additional business card designs. Very cool.