Logo Identity: Ruthless Market Research

The four key objectives in this project discovered through our brief was to attain a memorability among potential clients while communicating a professional and high-value business. We agreed that the logo should be easily adaptable for any application, and to ultimately be distinctive among the current environment of private investigation firms.


The visual direction of the logo, which was more of guide only to aid the design process, not to necessarily communicate the emotions laid out were, Ruthless, Vision, and Information.


The other main aspects which will be depicted through out this presentation were a strength and stability in the business and the service you provide. A modern, futurist edge, which alludes to the Cyber Security focus of RMR. And a high-quality or luxury atmosphere to attract your ideal customer of high paying law firms.

Solution 1a

Centred, symmetrical, and strong, this solution is based on a serif typeface inspired by your target audience of Law Firms.


Feeling that we wanted to gain the trust of established respected legal enterprises who have a lot of money to spend, this logo stands in a more classical and defined way.


At the same time, it alludes to the cyberspace which you inhabit as a unique selling point with the columns of the ‘R’s removed; adding some futurism and cleanliness.


The title beneath is in a more modern sans-serif typeface to add a more trusting, modern, sleek atmosphere; balancing the “respectable” initials above.


What’s nice about this solution, and the rest that follow, is that the title beneath the acronym follow each letter evenly; allowing people to interpret and communicate with ease.

Solution 1b

This is an alteration of Solution 1 – quite a simple alteration. This adds more of the serif themeing of the initials into the ‘R’s.


Overall this small change tones down the cyber, futurist speed Solution 1a has and brings it even more into the “higher-value” business realm.

Solution 2

Bolder, heavier, and using illusion to let your audience unfold the logo, this solution implores the viewer to see through and distinguish the ‘M’ out of the negative space.


It’s smart. You feel a little smart looking at it. Which of course in turn gestures to your informative, intelligent operations.


It’s also strong and heavy, its symmetry giving you a presence of power and security.


(Note: laser cut business cards with this logo solution will need to be altered slightly. But not too much)

Solution 3

Clean, sleek, minimal and with a maximum reduction in letter forms we have the most modern and fast solution. It looks intelligent, calmly confident, and positions you as a private investigation firm with expertise in cyber security.


Again, because of its strong centering and symmetry, it stands defiant and powerful, though the fine weight adds professionalism as to not unnerve any potential sales.


Like the previous solutions, the title beneath has wide tracking to make your service look all that more ‘high-value’ and ‘luxury’; as this as one of our main objectives for this logo identity.

Final Delivery


The final delivery was an alteration of solution 1 following meetings and advising on the best steps forward to agreement on the final logo. Delivery included the standard assets including light and dark versions among all file types for all possible applications and mocked up for business card designs.