Logo Identity: Snoodhead

Coming on to this project I was tasked with completing a logo identity for a band that wasn’t quite sure what direction to go in themselves. The first point of call was to brainstorm and discover a brand archetype for the group to align to. Once here, we could better devise a path forward and together agree on a creative brief that would help harmonise their music direction with proposed visual elements.

We found due to the exploratory nature of the music and the general direction they found they were heading, I decided to align the visual direction more to the brand archetype of wizard.


Using this, I focused on the vernacular of transformation, mastery, magic, arcane darkness, etc. All that you could think of that archetype of being is what we went forward with to explore.


Intuitively, I also felt it needed something of warmth and youthful spontaneity. This may have been influenced simply by the music or the people involved in the project – but there was always this tilt that saw me adding a hand-drawn quality to the visual explorations.

Final Delivery

Motion Design

WIP for video ident applications (4K)

Intended and compressed for Instagram (lo-res)